We're on hiatus at the moment. When the time is right we'll start another campaign.

Last Campaign:

We are a group of nurses working at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, many of Japanese heritage or with friends and family back in Japan.

Our current concern is the combined disaster of earthquake and tsunami that devastated a part of Japan. Although the Japanese government does have a considerable resources, this is not enough. The Japanese Nursing Association (JNA), along with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), are helping as much as they can to bring medical aid to the affected areas.

As of 12 Jun 2011, we have donated $1198 (¥100000) to MSF and $5575 (¥443642) to JNA.

We are still owed some money for t-shirts from people who convinced us that they didn’t need to pay up front. When this money is collected, it will be forwarded to the Japanese Nursing Association through various means.

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